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  • Octagonal and Square Graph Paper Template
    Octagonal and Square Graph Paper Template
    We have a large number of graph paper templates available – check them out here. This graph paper template is a combination of Octagons and Squares. As with all of our graph paper templates it’s in Excel, so it’s easy to use. Each tab has a unique...
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  • Square and Diagonal Graph Paper Template
    Square and Diagonal Graph Paper Template
    Download this free graph paper template - Square and Diagonal Graph Paper. 4 sizes available....
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  • Icon Font Cheat Sheet - Excel
    Icon Font Cheat Sheet
    I really don’t like wasting time. It’s not very often that I need to use symbols in Excel, and I can never remember what fonts and letters will give me the symbol I need. So, I created this very simple, single page Icon Font Cheat Sheet for...
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  • Cornell Notes with Open Space
    Cornell Notes Templates 3 Options
    Whenever I follow a process or implement a system, I’m more successful. The Cornell Note taking system is just that. A formal process that can easily be implemented. It’s a structured note taking process. But, really its much more. The Cornell Note-Taking System also provides a study...
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  • Fax Cover Sheet Template
    Fax Cover Sheet Template
    It’s hard to believe that a fax cover sheet template is still needed! Just recently, I was required to fax information. Granted, it was to a governmental organization. That probably explains why it was a fax and not an email. I hadn’t sent a fax in years....
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  • Denali Invoice Template - Blue
    Premium Invoice Template Denali
    Premium Invoice Templates Denali Collection The Premium Invoice – Denali Collection – comes with an example invoice tab (as shown in the pictures), a template tab, and a User Guide.  The user guide has useful information, if you’re new to Excel or maybe haven’t used some of...
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  • True Cost Over Time
    What Things Really Cost
    Is your coffee habit really worth it? Maybe it’s not coffee. We all have little pleasures and people telling us what we should or should not be doing. You know what I’m talking about. Personal finance experts whose entire strategy is to get you to give up...
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  • Single Credit Card Debt Analysis Template
    Single Debt Analysis Template
    If you’re like most people, you have debt. Debt is a burden, it sucks. But what can you do about it? How can you eliminate it? That’s what this Single Debt Analysis Template is for. I’ll show you how to use this free template to jump start...
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  • Service Provider Savings Tracker
    Service Provider Savings Tracker
    If you do this one thing, you will make at least $1,200 in the next 12 months. There are no sacrifices, no changes in behavior, and the best part is that it can be done in as little as 4 hours. I’ll tell you how I, personally,...
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  • Hexagonal Tessellation Graph Paper Example
    Hexagonal Graph Paper Template
    Experiment with unique designs using this free Hexagonal Graph Paper Template. It’s in Excel, so it’s easy to use. Each tab has a unique size that will print on a single standard sheet of paper. Design your own unique tessellation using this graph paper. Below is an...
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