Proof of Cash Template

The proof of cash template is also known as the four-column bank reconciliation. It is a powerhouse reconciliation generally used to detect fraud and highlight errors. There are several ways to perform a proof of cash, and we’ve attempted to take as much complexity out of the process as possible.

Completing a proof of cash is generally a time intensive process.  However, the information that can be gained from the process is powerful.

Proof of Cash Template

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Auditors love the idea of a four-column bank reconciliation, also known as a Proof of Cash, because of its ability to shed light on error, misstatements, and fraud. The proof of cash reconciles the bank balance and general ledger over a specified period of time, whereas, the standard bank reconciliation reconciles the two at a specific date. Need a template to complete this process monthly?

To prepare a Proof of Cash:

    • Start with a beginning balance, typically a year-end balanced previously reconciled
    • Reconcile receipts
    • Reconcile disbursements
    • Complete it with the ending balance, typically the current year-end
The actual completion of this reconciliation can be relatively complex and time consuming. However, the process has been simplified with this template:

  • Helpful hints are included in comments for each cell (see red triangles in the picture to the right).
  • Check figures – each column must foot cross foot (meaning the columns must balance as well as the rows). Items that don’t add up correctly are automatically highlighted.
  • An example reconciliation has been included on the second tab of the download to be further utilized as a guide.
  • Complete it with the ending balance, typically the current year-end
  • Tickmarks are easily added so your work can be documented.

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Maybe you’re looking for a more straight-forward bank reconciliation?  Check out our basic bank reconciliation template here.

Note, remember the data included in this example, is just that, example data. There could be items included that are not relevant to your situation, or items missing that will be necessary for your reconciliation. Additionally, assumptions have been made surrounding the nature of the reconciling items, changes in these assumptions could impact how the entry is recorded.


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