Meeting Agenda Template

Need a Meeting Agenda Template in Excel? The purpose for creating this meeting agenda template is to help provide structure to a meeting, which should make meetings more productive.

Meetings can consume large portions of a work day, and oftentimes at their conclusion the attendees are not entirely sure of the point of the meeting, the action items , or if any progress was made.

Meeting Agenda Template

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Meeting Agenda Template Download

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Here are some of the highlights of this agenda:

  • Contains space to describe the objective / purpose
  • Highlights relevant information surrounding the meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Action Items – both from the prior meeting (if applicable) and at the end of the current meeting.
  • Location for current meeting topics – each topic can be assigned to the individual responsible for that topic and allotted a portion of the meeting time.
  • Space to take notes at the meeting.
  • Other features include automatic number calculations, time checker, locations to mark off complete tasks, etc. Discussed in detail below.

Meeting Information

At the very top of the agenda is a summary of key meeting information. Complete all fields that are not shaded blue – the meeting duration is automatically calculated.


Just under the meeting information is a location to document all of the expected attendees, next to each attendee’s name is a small box that can be marked to document if an attendee was present at the meeting.

Action Items

Oftentimes, keeping track of action items is difficult. This agenda has a location to present action items from a previous meeting, as well as the individual to whom those items were assigned. If more action items are needed, simply add a row and copy and paste from another action items row; the numbering will automatically update.

There’s also a current action items listing included on this agenda that works exactly the same way. By using the action items, individuals are more likely to understand their responsibility and see the forward progression resulting from the meeting.

Meeting Topics

Within the current meeting topics section of the agenda is a location to describe all topics to be discussed during the meeting, who will be discussing, and how much time each topic is allocated. One issue we’ve experienced with meetings is that they tend to run over. In order to help manage this, we’ve input a start and end time for each topic. This time is automatically calculated based on the information provided (i.e., meeting start time and duration of topic). The idea is that it is understood that each topic will begin and end promptly. At the bottom, you see the total duration that has been allocated to each topic. This will turn red if it doesn’t agree to the time outlined in the ‘Meeting Information’ above.

Just like the ‘Action Items’, additional tasks can be added and all formulas will update. Simply add a row where you want the new task, then copy and paste one of the other task rows to the newly added row.  All items recalculate.


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