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The Z-Score, also known as the insolvency predictor, can be used to determine the probability of bankruptcy within a period of two years. Simply select the type of company you’re evaluating and complete the inputs.

The Z-Score is reportedly 80 – 90% accurate in determining bankruptcies. What’s your Z-Score?

Altman Z-Score Calculator

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Z-Score History:

Altman’s Z-Score originally surfaced in 1968 and was created by Edward Altman in order to determine the likelihood that a business would enter into bankruptcy within a period of two years. The Z-Score is reportedly 80 – 90% accurate in determining bankruptcies.  A false positive (i.e., the Z-Score says bankruptcy is likely when in fact it is not) occurs approximately 10 – 20% of the time.

The Z-Score is a formula consisting of four to five weighted financial ratios (incorporating information from both the balance sheet and income statement). There are currently several formulas to compute a z-score.  Each formula is designed for a particular type of company/organization (i.e., Public Companies, Private Companies, and Non-Manufacturer Industrials & Emerging Markets). The result can be evaluated based on established “Zones.”  These Zones” are broken up into 3 distinct groups: a) Healthy Company, b) Warning Signs, and c) Potential Bankruptcy.

Things to watch out for:

The Z-Score model is industry-specific. It’s critical that the user understand the model being used relative to the company being evaluated.

  • False positives do happen.
  • Financial firms should not be evaluated with the Z-Score.
  • Know and understand the ratios being used in the Z-Score. This will aid in any additional evaluation and assist in understanding trends over a period of time.
  • The output quality is dependent upon the input quality. Be aware of potential off balance sheet arrangements, accounting inaccuracies, etc.

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