To Do List Templates

To Do Lists don’t work with everyone’s personality type. However, for those who know when and how to use them, they can be an effective tool to stay focused and get things done. Frequently, To Do Lists are written down on some random piece of paper, or in a random page of a notebook. Little thought is given to order, priority, and deadlines of the individual To Do’s. It’s no wonder people think these lists are ineffective!

Interested in reading more about time management and the different options available? Have a look here Wikipedia (Time Management).

To Do List Templates

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We’ve created the two templates above in order to help put some of that effectiveness back into the general To Do List. While both versions are Excel based, they have two different uses. The electronic version is specifically designed to be managed electronically. It is dynamic in that it has been created using Excel Tables and has the option to automatically highlight high priority items. Because it’s an Excel Table, the coloring can be updated using the ‘Design’ tab located in the ribbon. The printable version is much more simplistic; however, there are still places for individual items to be given a priority as well as a due date.

Remember, ensure you have a specific goal in mind and regularly refer back to the To Do List in order to monitor your progress!


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