Excel Timeline

We created a few timeline templates because these are simply a great tool for managing projects. However, we’ve found several people like having these timelines to supplement a presentation .  Timelines are good whenever you want to graphically reflect anything that’s time based. Below is a brief description of each timeline along with the download.

Multiple timeline options available for download.  All are free and included on this page.

Excel Timeline

System Requirements & Download

At the bottom of each timeline is a section that allows you to enter the dates and a description of the date (note, in some cases it’s beneficial to put the date in both the date column as well as in the description). Whatever is written in the Task column (i.e., date description) will be reflected on the timeline.

The HT column is for the height of the date on the timeline and determines if the date is reflected on the upper portion or lower portion of the timeline. Enter a positive number if you want it on the upper portion and a negative number for the lower portion.

Our examples are setup in increments of 5, adjust as necessary.

Excel Timeline Blue

Excel Timeline Blue Download

61.00 KB 2369 downloads
This one is set with a blue backdrop. Graphically display tasks, events, or other date-oriented information. You control the length of the bars, as well as the description that corresponds to each. This timeline has been formatted to hold up to 21 individual tasks. Add additional tasks easily.

Excel Timeline Clear

Excel Timeline Clear Download

60.50 KB 2230 downloads
This template is just like the first, however, the backdrop is clear.

Excel Timeline Clear with Scroll Bar

Excel Timeline Clear w Scroll Bar

61.50 KB 1784 downloads
Using the clear option, we added a scroll bar which makes it dynamic. Say you had 20 dates that you were tracking, but you only wanted the first 10 reflected on the timeline – by using the scroll bar you can “Hide” certain dates and add them when necessary.


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