Service Receipt Template

Simple, easy to use, free Excel Service Receipt Template for your business. Customize the template to fit your specific circumstance. After you receive payments from your customers, they may want a receipt. Also, if you allow your customers to pay part of the amount due, this receipt template helps you (and your customer) keep track of their account balance.

Need an invoice template for your service company? We have one that’s free and ready to download. Check out our Service Invoice Template.

Service Receipt Template

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Service Receipt Template

Use a Service Receipt to give your customers a log of the services rendered, when the services were provided, and the cost of those services.  It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the receipts you provide your customers as a record of payment.

Creating your receipts electronically, printing them, and providing them to your customer will allow you to have an electronic copy of the receipt and keep the number of hard copy documents that you have to track down to a minimum.

This Service Receipt Template has been created to accompany our Service Invoice Template.  It’s most useful when customers make multiple payments on their account balance.  There is an easy way to provide a customer with a receipt when they just make one payment to satisfy their outstanding balance.  If you’ve provided your customer an invoice, mark the invoice as Paid In Full and provide them a copy of this invoice.  You can also add a watermark to the electronic version and send them a copy of this.

Remember, if you’re sending electronic documents to your customers, always convert these documents to PDF.  This will help prevent the possibility of these documents being modified.  There are several free online resources to convert documents to PDF.  Try this PDF converter and see if it fits your needs.


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