Sales Quote Template

If you’re looking for a free sales quote template in Excel, we’ve got one for you here. Download the template below and begin using it in your business today. You do not have to be an expert in Excel to begin using this template. Simply input your information and all of the formulas will automatically calculate.

Remember to convert this sales quote to a PDF prior to sending, this way customers cannot change the information you enter. Here’s a link to a free PDF converter.

Sales Quote Template

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Sales Quote Template Download

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Sales Quote Template

Sales Quote Template

Sales quotes are just like invoices, with just a few changes. Quotes are provided at the beginning of a sales transaction. This way, customers will know exactly what they will get and how much it will cost them.

If you give a customer a sales quote and there are no changes to that quote, it can also be used as their invoice. You can just stamp it paid. The “stamp” can be an electronic stamp such as a watermark in PDF or adding a text box in excel. Just don’t forget to convert it back to PDF for your customer.

Be sure to review the terms and the formulas to make sure that they are consistent with what you would expect. Also, if certain items in the quote are taxable, the last column in the quote form allows you to notate that. Select “Yes” if the item is taxable, and the total of those items will be summarized at the bottom of the form. Then enter the appropriate rate, and the form will show the amount of tax that will need to be paid.

Right before the total, there is a box for “Other”. This can be used to provide a discount or for VAT or any other circumstance in which additional amounts may be due or reduced from the total.

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