Christmas List Template

If you’re looking for a Christmas List Template that allows you to keep track of your budget, this is your list. In addition to keeping track of how much you’ve spent, you can also keep track of your progress. We’ve included columns to track gifts purchased, wrapped and given. This way you can use your Christmas List Template as a tool to keep you on track. No more running behind as the holidays approach.

We’ve also included a listing of unique Christmas gift ideas. Hopefully, you’ll see something on our list that would make a great idea for your Christmas List.

Christmas List Template

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Christmas List Template

We created this Christmas List for a few reasons. Every year, it seems we’re running behind on our Christmas shopping and end up spending more money than we wanted and wrapping gifts last minute. With a little effort on the font-end, the hope is to come in under budget and reduce stress. Along with the Christmas List Template that you can download above, we’re going to give you ideas on how to use this list to maximize its value.

Don’t forget to send Christmas Cards this year.  Take a look at our Christmas Card List.

Where to Start

After you download the Christmas List Template, start writing down names. Don’t worry about any organization at first. The list is in Excel so you can sort it later. If you want to go in an order, start with immediate family (spouse, parents, children, extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins), friends, your children’s friends, co-workers, others (i.e., The Salvation Army Angel Tree program, babysitter, nanny, personal trainer, hair dresser, teacher, etc). Don’t forget stocking stuffers…

Note: If you need more rows than we’ve given you in the Christmas List Template, just copy and paste rows. The formulas at the top of the template will work for 100 lines on the list. If you want to print after adding rows, 1) highlight all of the area you want to print; 2) go to Page Layout in the ribbon; 3) select Print Area; 4) choose Select Print Area.

Set a Budget

After you have all of the names down, set a budget. Do this before you select gifts. This will help you see not only how much you’ll be spending on each person, but also how this impacts the total. Once a budget is set, you’ll probably be shocked. There are a few ways to deal with this. Get creative with your Christmas gift ideas. Not everything nice has to be expensive. Remember thought does count – have a look at our some of our Thoughtful Gift Ideas below for some help.

Once a budget is set for each person, that will help when trying to come up with ideas. There are millions of gift idea lists online. Pick a budget, then run a google search. For example: Gift ideas for men under $50.  This returned 5.6 million results.

Start Shopping, Buying, Wrapping and Giving

After you have a good list, start picking up the items. Each time you purchase, add the total amount spent to the list. Keeping it current will help you determine if you’re going over budget, staying on budget, or coming in under.

There are 3 columns in the Christmas List Template to keep track of your progress. For each name that’s written, the formula in the Red, Green, and Blue globes calculate the percent complete. For example, if you have 5 names written down but you’ve only purchased 1 gift then the Red globe will show ‘20%’.

Gift Ideas

For those with everything:

These gifts are something that you could do on someone’s behalf or in their name.

  • Farm Animals – Through World Vision, you can donate a farm animal such as a goat or chicken for families in need to use for nutrition and/or extra income.
  • Species Adoptions – A gift that will help protect the future of nature.  Great for people interested in protecting wild animals and their habitats.
  • Charity of Choice – figure out a charity that is important to the person you have in mind.  Make a donation to this charity in their name.

Ideas to Save $$$:

These gifts are either very affordable or would be easy to do for several people and spread the cost of materials over several.

Unique Ideas that Can be Touching:

A few gift ideas that cost money but are also touching.

Useful Gifts:

Gifts for people who like to get some utility out of the things they own.


Sometimes the best gifts aren’t tangible, they’re experiences.

  • Classes – learn something new (cooking, language, music, art, etc)
  • Memberships – think the zoo, museum etc
  • Season tickets – sports, concert, theater, etc.
  • Rock climbing – find a gym near them
  • Trampoline park – find a location near them
  • A train trip
  • Unique dining experience
  • Spa package

Need More Ideas:

We’ve included some other unique and unusual ideas in the example Christmas List.  These items are on the 2nd tab of the excel template.  Download the template to get all of the ideas.

Christmas List Example


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