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Black-Scholes Model (European)


Need a European-style Black-Scholes calculator to compute the value of a Put Option or Call Option?  Just interested in how the calculation works? Want something just to double check a calculation? Either way, this spreadsheet will help. All of the formulas can be read (and modified if you

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Volatility Calculator Template

volatility calculator

This volatility calculator can be used to establish the volatility of a publicly traded stock based on the inputs you provide. Use this spreadsheet to price options. The historical prices are input on one tab (the download contains an example from  Then complete the remaining inputs

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Emergency Fund Analysis

emergency fund

How much money do you need in your emergency fund? The answer is, no one knows. There are a lot of variables to consider: how risk averse you are, number of incomes, extent to which your expenses are fixed vs. variable, amount of income earned from investments,

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Calculate Your Net Worth With This Personal Balance Sheet

Personal Balance Sheet

This template will help you quickly prepare a personal balance sheet (aka calculate net worth). A personal balance sheet is a simple tool in which all assets and all liabilities are listed. Net worth is calculated as total assets minus total liabilities. It’s not uncommon to have a

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