Calendar with Key Dates

Keep track of critical dates on this calendar template. This template was designed because of the difficulty we have keeping track of birthdays. However, you can use this template to keep track of any type of dates or milestones.

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Calendar with Key Dates

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Calendar with Key Dates Download

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Once you enter the Month and Year for your calendar, you can input important dates. For each date, there is a column for a brief description and the date will show up in orange on the calendar. Another great feature is that any date that’s entered in the key date column, outside the range of months on the calendar, will automatically be highlighted red.

This calendar can be used to keep track of birthdays, project milestones, closing schedules, or really any date driven-item or tasks – input the information you need, print it off and put it in a place where it will be seen. For us keeping up with birthdays, it’s printed out 1 time per year and put on the side of our fridge.


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