Add Add-in to Quick Access Toolbar

Take useful Excel Add-in’s and add them to your Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the top of the Ribbon as shown below. Add an Add-in to the Quick Access Toolbar and assign it it’s own unique icon in 4 easy steps.

Quick Access Toolbar

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Read this for instructions on how to download an Excel Add-in.

How to Add Add-in to Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1

After you’ve saved the add-in to your computer (click here for instructions how to install Add-in’s Excel 2007 or 2010). You can add the add-in to your quick access toolbar and assign a symbol to it.

Step 2

Open Excel and click the Office Button (i.e., window in the upper left had corner) and selection Options

The following will open up; go to the ‘Customize’ section:

Quick Access Toolbar step 2

Step 3

From the drop down menu, change it from ‘Popular Commands’ to ‘Macros’. Then, locate the add-in you want to add to the quick access toolbar and choose ‘Add’.
Quick Access Toolbar step 3

Step 4

To change the picture select ‘Modify’ and select the picture of your choice. Update the ‘Display Name’ if you need to, and select ‘OK’.

Quick Access Toolbar step 4


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