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Welcome to the Spreadsheetshoppe

We create professional, easy to use, eye-catching spreadsheets. Take your spreadsheet skills to the next level and use our templates to analyze data, improve efficiency, or report to your boss.

We're passionate about helping people improve their use of Excel and provide the templates to simplify the difficult. Our spreadsheets are free to download and we're adding to our collection all the time!
"This is one of the best cash flow tools I have seen. In the 26 years of doing accounting, this tool very simply and effectively bridges the gap many people have in quickly preparing their statement of cash flows."
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New Templates

  • Cartesian Graph Paper .5"
    Cartesian Graph Paper Template
    Cartesian graph paper is a great tool to use for everything from drawing project plans to graphing mathematical functions to artwork. Pinterest offers 1,000 ideas here. We started out simply creating standard graph paper. The type that is a simple grid. However, we decided to provide a few […]...
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  • Monthly Content Action Plan Template
    Monthly Content Action Plan Template
    Monthly Content Action Plan Template This Content Action Plan Template has been designed to accompany our Annual Content Calendar. The Content Calendar sets an overview for the year. This Action Plan breaks that down into specific items. Content Action Plan Features If you want to have a […]...
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  • Content Calendar and Plan Template
    Content Calendar and Plan Template
    Delivering content on a regular basis is hard. Anyone who’s delivering content knows how easy it is to fall into the trap of releasing content as soon as it’s created. That is not the best way to deliver quality content. Following a Content Calendar and having a […]...
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  • Biorhythm Template
    Biorhythm Template Interactive Chart
    We created this Biorhythm Template with an interactive chart so you can “look into the future” and see how your biorhythms are going to change. Biorhythms are supposed to tell you the status of three life rhythms – Physical, Emotional and Intellectual – all based on the […]...
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  • Sales Quote Template
    Sales Quote Template
    If you’re looking for a free sales quote template in Excel, we’ve got one for you here. Download the template below and begin using it in your business today. You do not have to be an expert in Excel to begin using this template. Simply input your […]...
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  • Business Development KPI Dashboard
    Business Development KPI Dashboard
    Business development and sales are two different ideas. However, they both generally lead to a similar outcome – revenue growth. Regardless of which concept you or your business chooses to focus on, results must be tracked and evaluated. This template can help. It’s a Business Development KPI […]...
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  • Personal Assessment Template
    Personal Assessment Template
    There are a lot of Personal Assessments available. Very few are simple and to the point. Zig Ziglars “wheel of life” is one we’ve found to be very beneficial. We based this one on many of his ideas. Download it, and find out what your wheel looks […]...
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  • Expense Report Template
    Simple Expense Report Template
    We’ve designed this Expense Report Template to be simple, quick and effective. Use this for your small business and keep your business records on track and supported. This is a very basic Expense Report tool, which means it will not require much time to keep up. We […]...
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  • Service Receipt Template
    Service Receipt Template
    Simple, easy to use, free Excel Service Receipt Template for your business. Customize the template to fit your specific circumstance. After you receive payments from your customers, they may want a receipt. Also, if you allow your customers to pay part of the amount due, this receipt […]...
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  • Invoice Template Everest Orange
    Premium Invoice Template Everest
    Premium Invoice Templates Everest Collection The Premium Invoice – Everest Collection – comes with an example invoice tab (as shown in the pictures), a template tab, and a User Guide.  The user guide has useful information, if you’re new to Excel or maybe haven’t used some of […]...
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  • Price List Template
    Price List Template
    Help your customers know exactly what you have to help meet their needs with this price list template. This price list template can be downloaded for free and modified to fit your business needs. When communicating with your customers, you want a document that’s easy to read. […]...
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  • Purchase Order Template
    Purchase Order Template
    Simple, easy to use, free Excel purchase order template for your business. Customize the template to fit your specific circumstance. Using purchase orders in your business can help improve controls around your purchasing transactions. Purchase Order Template This purchase order includes information for:...
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  • wedding invitation
    Wedding Invitation Template
    This free Wedding Invitation Template can help you lower costs for your wedding. This template will allow you to print your own invitations at home. It includes a template for invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, and reception information cards. Printing your own invitations is just one […]...
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  • Wedding RSVP Dashboard
    Wedding RSVP Tracker Template
    This is a Free Excel Wedding RSVP Tracker. It’s free, but powerful. Included in the RSVP tracker is a dashboard, so you can quickly see how many people are coming, who they’re associated with, gifts received, thank you cards sent, summary cost information and more. When you […]...
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  • Wedding Budget Detailed Template
    Save Money Wedding Budget Template
    Use this free Wedding Budget Template to plan for a successful wedding. This template includes the categories and items typical for a wedding. Because people’s funds are generally limited, it’s important to set a budget. Use these 17 ideas to manage your wedding budget, to stay out […]...
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  • Journal Entry Template
    Journal Entry Template
    This Journal Entry Template has been designed to go along with this Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation and the Month-End Close Checklist. Using a template will help keep the journal entry process efficient. From origination to posting, a common template makes the process faster. This template helps […]...
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  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation Template
    Balance Sheet Reconciliation Template
    Having a standardized balance sheet reconciliation is a well-known best practice. Improve the efficiency of your month-end close process by incorporating a consistent and reliable framework. This balance sheet reconciliation is feature full – dynamic formulas, conditional formatting, and based on a simple methodology. This balance sheet […]...
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  • Month End Close Checklist
    Month End Close Checklist
    The month-end close is no easy task. Download this free Month-End Close Checklist, modify it to fit your needs, and you’ll find your monthly close goes much more smoothly. At the end of the month, accountants are tasked with ensuring all of the transactions for that month […]...
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  • Workout Log
    Workout Log Template
    Choose from 2 Workout Log Templates: A 4 week Workout Log or an 8 week Workout Log. Keeping track of your workouts will help you get better results faster. These two logs are designed to setup an exercise program that you’ll follow for a period of time. […]...
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  • Daily Planner Template
    Daily Planner Template
    I’ve not been able to find a daily planner that works. There are some basic elements that come standard such as a to-do list or a place to take notes, but I’ve been looking for something that will help me have balance in my day. I don’t […]...
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